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Nedrysoft is the developer of the open-source, cross-platform network latency analyzer application pingnoo. It is available free-of-charge for macOS, Windows and Linux, allowing users of all technical abilities to discover and report network issues.

The complete source code is available, allowing third parties to audit or modify the code as necessary. The development of pingnoo resulted in several spin-off projects that are have also open-sourced for other developers.


Nedrysoft is committed to producing open-source projects for the benefit of the community.  We are supported in our goal by vendors of commercial products who kindly supply free licenses & services for open source developers.


Wherever possible, our software projects are cross-platform to target as many users as possible. For desktop applications, the primary development framework used is Qt (C++). The Python language is also used for tools due to the excellent library of third-party open-source packages that dramatically reduces development time and effort.


As professional programmers, we often leverage open-source projects and code. Giving back to the open-source community is critical to keep this life-cycle going. Providing open-source alternatives to commercial products means that many users have access to technology that would otherwise be out of reach.


I have been a software developer professionally for 25+ years (and for many years before this), working on many different software products, both in the desktop software market and, more often, the embedded systems market.

Nedrysoft (I’m sure that dinosaur fans will get the reference) came into existence when I started work on pingnoo back in March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions came into force in the UK. It became my lockdown project and worked as a distraction for me at night when suffering from pain and insomnia.

As I continued working on the project, I received good feedback from users about the project, and this spurs you on to keep working on the project. It’s fantastic when other people contribute code, fixes, ideas and bug reports to the project.